Royal Concrete offers a wide array of services related to concrete.


A system of formwork for reinforcing concrete.

Here at Royal Concrete we provide full package services, which include final grading, compaction of base gravel, installing forms, sumps, and u-drains, supplying and installing rebar, bollard installations, placing bulkheads, and specialized custom shapes and slopes. We are also experienced in proper curving, corners, and height preparation, among other slab preparation services.



Pouring and placing concrete.

The Royal Concrete team works in sync! Our skilled workforce knows the importance of teamwork and coordination while placing. This is a critical time when we must work efficiently to pour the concrete ensuring the slopes and grades meet the clients’ specifications. Royal Concrete has the tools, equipment, and skilled labour to properly place slabs of various shapes and sizes. We always prioritize the safety of our employees, contractors, residents, and all people on the job site. We have the right tools, equipment, and safety measures in place, along with proven years of successful processes to safely complete a quality job.


Using various tools and methods to level and smooth concrete surfaces to the desired texture or look.

Royal Concrete excels at providing specialized finished services, which includes various types of broom textures, machine textures, and polishes.

We have over 30 years of field experience providing quality finished slabs throughout Saskatchewan, under a varying range of environmental conditions. Our expert finishers are dedicated field workers with a keen eye for detail and remain on site until the job is finished.


Royal Concrete has the required tools and equipment to provide professional control joints on finished concrete slabs. We also provide sawcutting services for demolition or renovation needs.